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Just like java applets seem to have had their day... is flash going the same way (no support on the ipad?)

Is this a concern for designers who use flash.

I use flash actionscript 3.0 occasionally.

What are your thoughts?

I used to do flash as well, but not too much these days, am more on javascript, due to the mentioned support problem on new devices like ipad and iphone. I believe with the introduction of html5, flash is phasing out as well

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I've never liked Flash I have to admit. The fact that it's a propriety technology counts against it (although I have a copy of Flash CS5.5 myself!). I don't think that Flash will disappear soon, as JS/HTML5 can't/won't be able to do what Flash does. Due to Flash's legacy, I can't see browsers ditching it either. I now see new tablets being advertised with the 'supports Flash' badge.

Apple may regret its stance on Flash if vendors start offering functionality that it 'refuses' to incorporate.

So, if browsers have to keep supporting Flash (they may 'break the internet' if they don't), I can't see why Flash should die any time soon.

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