hi guys

a)I'm working on this project in asp.net and sql server.I would like to host the site im my local iis server for testing purposes b4 i publish.when i import the site to iis it poses some 404 complaining about the web.config file. what i'm i not doing ryt.

b) How is sql server matched to a big database application like a public utility matching the likes of google and facebook.com.Is it up to the task, i mean is it just as good as any other database server out there.

thanks guys.

You need to create a virtual directory in IIS and then configure its directory to the location of your application or better still, you can just add application and give a name to the site as it would be seen by user and then locate the file path to your application.

Happy programming!

if your IIS okey then simply open the project
1. Right Click on Web Project and select Properties
2. From left side Menu Select "Web"
3. On Right Side you'll Find Server Option below that
4. You'll find User IIS web Server Option, Just Select that Radio Button
5. Now Textbox is enabled. so dont pay attention to that
6. Next to textbox there is a Button " Create Virtual Directory"
7. Click on that if you get success then simply run.
8. If you get Error then Check your IIS [ If IIS is okey then ]

Try this
Now Execute this query
aspnet_regiis -i

now try running application and lets see wot happens ?

if it does not work then i have one more option.
and if it works then go get laid :-)


There's a problem with IIs not being run from an administrator account. But i thought i was the adnmin what could be up!