Not very sure where to post this because of the mixture of type of information.

1) Anyway, i have some queries on how to have event handlers in VB .NET for buttons i have created in ItemDataBound?

The user is able to delete rows by using checkboxes and delete buttons, and also go to a page with more information about that row by clicking another button that belonged to that row.

I cannot get the event handlers out through the design view (double click button) because the buttons are created dynamically. I also can't get it out in code view because the buttons do not exist until the application is run.

Both my checkboxes and buttons for each row are created in ItemDataBound.

2) Is javascript able to call delete functions that are coded in VB classes?

Last but not least, thanks for any help! =)

1) Try using .FindControl.

2) Nope. The only thing JavaScript can do in relation to ASP.NET is submit the form. ASP.NET functions don't even exist until the form is submitted.