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i have a Silverlight application that i have written. Tested and it works well in our internal network. Now in my company we have another server, so our Network guys open a port so that someone who is not in our network can view the website.

Now as you know Silverlight uses WCF services, i came across a problem when accessing the website from outside. You can see the home page, but now there are database work that are done (e.g) when you login , and other things that are related to the database.

"I used netstat -ano to check if really the port is open and i saw it was because it was saying "Listening" , i checked with the network guys to see if there is no firewall blocking that port and they said none"

Obviously i know that this has nothing to do with my code or my application, there is somewhere in the network settings they did not configure well.

Another thing is that when i access the WCF url from outside , i see it. I have used fidler to make sure that i am seeing the correct error here. The says

No Connection Could Be Made Because The Target Machine Actively Refused It X.X.X.X:8495

I goggled this a lot and most of the people point to security issue.

What would you advice in this regard


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Hi, working with WCF is a litle bit complicate, but i don´t think the problem is from wcf, is you are using wcf just to publish a website there have not to be an error there, follow those steps to check:

1.- Try to do a telnet from client machine, example: telnet port where x(s) are the ip address where you have posted the website.
2.- Try to publih the website in standard port 80.
3.- Use capture sofware to see the packets. protocol http or tcp/ip like wireshark, even from mozilla you can debut any http request with live http

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The Problem have been resolved and your answers point to the problem.


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