How can I make media photos at my site?When click them,the medias play.Which sofware should I use?Can you tell me how?

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In media I assume you mean audio and video.
Audio and video can be embedded withing html, and played with the available media player on the visitors computer.

There is no software for you to use.
Once you embed the correct tags into html. The users computer will then select the program that is needed to play the media type that you have embedded into the html page.

There are two ways of embedding media into html.

1) Link to the source file of the media.
-- <a href="http://mysite.com/media.asx">Link</a>

2 use the embed or object tags.
-- embed tags: <embed src="http://myste.com/media.asx"></embed>
-- Note: seach google for the embed and object tags, there is more too it.


Hi,I mean do like this:http://www.ryoni.com/news/123/ photos can be seen,when click on them,the videos play

Simple, first make sure your picture is in your C: drive
and your movie is in your C: drive

Then open a notepad file and type this:





<a title="iamthwee" href="C:/yourmovie.mpeg">
<img border="0" src="C:/yourpicture.bmp" width="30" height="35"></a></p>



Change the words in red and blue to the names of your files, with the correct extensions.

Save the file as Yourfile.html

God bless


Hi,I mean do like this:http://www.ryoni.com/news/123/ photos can be seen,when click on them,the videos play

You may have noticed that when you clicked on an image, it took you to a new page, with the video embedded within the page.

The image link:

<a href="http://example.com/some_page.php">
<img src="http://example.com/some_image.jpg" />

on some_page.php, they have the video embedded.

<embed SRC=http://ryoni.com/media/dancemusic.wmv WIDTH=345 HEIGHT=310 

This is copied directly from : http://www.ryoni.com/news/124/ARTICLE/1258//728.php

As you can see. Its just html. No php involved.


you have to make screenshot.
do this using the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then croping it to the right size with paint or another image editing program. :)

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