This server has MX6.1 and session variable apppack is undefined.

The same code works on CF 5 server as in

I have in the application.cfm file
<cfapplication name="Highschool Counselor Order" sessionmanagement="Yes" setclientcookies="Yes" sessiontimeout=#createtimespan(0,0,20,0)#>

And in contact.cfm have :-
<cfif form.submit EQ "Continue"><!--- Only get form vars from last page (ignore if backing up through prcess) --->
<cflock scope="SESSION" type="EXCLUSIVE" timeout="10">
<cfset session.sOrder = StructCopy(form)>
<cfdump var="#session.sOrder#">

In confirm.cfm session.sOrder.apppack is undefined ??

I am not using cflocation anywhere.

<!--- Main Resources Page --->

<!--- Clear session variables --->
<cfif isDefined('URL.clear') AND URL.clear EQ 'yes'>
<cfif isDefined('session.sOrder')>
<cfset junk = StructDelete(session,'sOrder')>
<cfif isDefined('session.sContact')>
<cfset junk = StructDelete(session,'sContact')>

<!--- If we stepped back from the contact form, save vars --->
<cfif isDefined('form.submit') AND FORM.SUBMIT eq "Back">
<cfset session.sContact = StructCopy(form)>

<!--- Main Switch --->
<cfswitch expression="#hAct#">

<cfcase value="home">
<cfinclude template="dsp_main.cfm">

<cfcase value="order_init">
<cfinclude template="dsp_contact.cfm">

<cfcase value="order_2">
<cfif form.submit EQ 'Back'><!--- BACK --->
<cfinclude template="dsp_main.cfm">
<cfelse><!--- FORWARD --->
<cfinclude template="act_valid_contact.cfm">
<cfinclude template="dsp_confirm.cfm">


Any suggestions? Thanks.

I just ran into a similar issue yesterday and it turned out to be a Mysql issue in one of my tables. It sounds like this could be different if you say it was working in cf 5 though.

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