Dear All,

I am having a problem with reports in a web application with C#. The reportviewers are old style (the application is old, was written with the framework 2.0) and I actually had to hack the reports to make them work.

Now, the reports work fine except for two things :

- all data from the db are read and put in the dataset but then the report shows only the first page and despite the report navigation controls being visible, they claim 0 pages;

- clicking on export does not do anything

Any clue? Thanks a lot!


As far as the export button, you'll have to select a format from the dropdown left of export, upon which the export text will become clickable.

Thanks!!! Will try it tomorrow...

Mmmhhh does not let me manipulate the report in design mode! Says : failed to create designer...

As I said, this report is a hack in the sense that being the application 2.0 I could not just add the visual studio 2010 report but had to modify the existing one.

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