How are you doin there? I'm just doing an example here. I wanted to access all elements that our user 'George' has.

$players = array(
	'George' => array('Age'=>20, 'Hair Color'=>'Black', 'Cars'=>array('BMW', 'Toyota', 'Nissan', 'Shitty Cars lol') ),

	 'Mikayla' => array('Age'=> 16, 'Hair Color'=> 'Bruntte'),
         'Mel'=> array('Age' =>21, 'Hair Color' =>'Grey')
	echo ( "Ario's hair colour is:" .$players['George']['Hair Color'] );
	echo ("<br/>");
	echo ( "His age is:" .$players['George']['Age'] );
	echo ("<br/>");
	echo ( "His age is:" .$players['George']['Cars'][0][1][2][3] );  <<<<--- I want to do something like this. I want to access all items that our user has.