Hello all and thank you in advance.

I am building a website (AP.NET 3.5 and C#) that I put a File Uploader on using the "FileUpload". I then created a Button that has the following code in it:

String savePath = @"DESTINATION_PATH";
            if (FileUpload1.HasFile)
                String fileName = FileUpload1.FileName;
                savePath += fileName;
                UploadStatusLabel.Text = "Your file was Uploaded";

I set the DESTINATION_PATH to my Desktop to test it and it worked. Now, I want to direct the destination to my hosting account through GoDaddy.
So, I first set the permissions on the folder on the server for (Read/Write). I have the absolute path, username, and password to my hosting
account. However, I do not know how to proceed. Where and how would I put the credentials so I connect with GoDaddy? The "where" part of the
answer is important :) Please help me, it's somewhat very important to me. Thank you again and take care :)