Hello guys, I've been having this problem for 4 days now.
I have this table that outputs records. One row contains all the records of the person. Every row has a 'ban' function. When the user clicks this 'ban' hyperlink, the program should popup a ban form wherein the user will input all of the necessary data of why he/she bans the person. I have no problem with that. The problem is, passing the id of the person from one view to another and then to model.
Some people says, you should retrieve it from the URI. My problem is, how do I put it in the URI?
I'm very new to Codeigniter guys. Im like 1 week old.

Did you already fetch each user id with these rows ? If then, you can pass these id with the ban anchor link to the ban process controller or action. And then, you can retrieve that id from the controller/action that you want to process with the built-in function $this->uri->segment(n) , where n is the variable of the url segment separated by the forward slash which you want to retrieve from the url.

Anyway, you can find the documentation in your ci folder. All functions, calsses and configuration are provided there.

Hope this help.