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OK a lot of developers out there use CMS to design their clients' websites.

Among them wordpress seems to rank amongst the top five and I can totally see why.

This thread is for all the useful resources you know of using wordpress.

I'll start this one off.

An absolute must for beginning with a blank theme framework is the one provided by thematic.

So many widgets and a stripped down css with a beautiful Superfish menu.

Super for tutorials especially how to create a portfolio section. A must read.

Another resource for online videos.

How to create a stunning quicksand like filterable portfolio.

If you are designing an easy background control panel for end users and you have php5 support the options tree plugin is a must

Create quick and easy shortkeys from the html editor - great plugin

A great jquery resource.

A great little online script tester. For checking your html/css/javascript

Where would we be without shortcodes ultimate plugin... I don't know

yd recent post widget plugin.

A great way to add a touch of class with various different fonts.

An absolute resource.

Sliders, a few come to mind.

Nivo slider, piecemaker 2D (flash)

And a brilliant free template to download if you sign up to their newsletter

Great to look at the backend code if you intend to become a developer.

Feel free to add your own wordpress resources or tutorials.