hey guys, i made my first web socket server in php and i run it in my localhost and it worked fine.. the problem is, i want to use it in my website... my website is in a shared server and i dont have shell access.. so how can i run my server there??
this is how i installed it in my localhost:

$ php -q htdocs/sockets/server/server.php

but now i cant do this in my website and i tried to run it through the browser and nothing came out!(by opening the server.php on the web browser)

is there anyway i can do it other than shell??

please help!

Have you contacted your web hosting provider and asked them? They know exactly how they have configured their servers and what is allowed. They may be able to offer you a way to do this.

all right man!
thanks very much!!
i will try to contact my host provider and i hope they help me!
thanks again

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