I tried to put a google search bar in a website. First time I pasted the whole code within the <div id="search_bar"> </div> and it was all smooth. However I want to control it from a php file.

I tried to include it through .php (files are already .php )
<?php include("PHP/google_search_bar.php"); ?>

but now the search bar will not show. It only shows the word "Loading" where the search bar used to appear. I can't click on it nor shows any input field. Just the word Loading.


*Every file is already php by the way.

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Check this.....It might help you...

thank you, I just want to stick to my original search box. The code provided there has yet a few bugs and apparently each person has solved it their own way. I don't have the energy to tackle it.

I have both query and search bar php files ready. Only need to know what to add to my searchbar.php file so it's fully included in my webpages.

But thank you for your help, I still learned some stuff at that link.

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