I need some help setting up the following

full php script a well as DB available on request,
46 pages in text format.

Basic requirements:

These 2 files needs the export to pdf function



Basic requirements:
1) 2 exercises per page (exercise plus progress

report block)

2) Then it must export to a pdf and an email link

must be sent to a recipient and the mail must include

the download link for the exported PDF.

any help wil be appreciated.

Since this is your first post, welcome to Daniweb.

This sounds like a school assignment. If so, then it is up to you to complete the assignment, otherwise you won't learn much and your grade would be meaningless. If you have a specific problem where you need help, then you can post that and someone may be able to give you some suggestions / guidance.

With respect to creating PDF files, you can create the PDF directly in your code using a PDF library or you can create a report in HTML that is written to a file and then converted to a PDF for you. The latter approach is quite easy to do using HTML2PDF. Click here for more info. I don't know of a program that would dump a file to a PDF (unless the file is already formatted as a report using html) but if that is what you need you might be able to find something doing an internet search.

For emailing output, you can use the PHP mail command and set everything up in your program or you can use some pre-defined Functions that will do it for you. I use a library called LibMail that makes it quite simple. You can get more info here.

fpdf is a free php library that deals with all this stuff. You can create pdf tables links full essays what not. I have made a website recently that used the same technology :-). So I can guide you through the process. Try fpdf and if you still have a problem [snipped email - post back here]