So I have a client that is interested in something like this, well to be more specific...

A login area of a website, it could be it's own application/page, doesn't necessarily have to be integrated into the website. A person can login or register. The admin can add content to certain users, aka their clients. Showing them the status of their project, etc. So something like this with a simple admin CMS area for it so they can mangage the users to the site, make each user able to see certain info. Also another thing this needs is some pages that all users/members can see, pretty much any typical page.

I've done websites in WordPress and Joomla!, not fully sure if this could work in Joomla!. WordPress doesn't seem to be like the answer for something like this. What about things like Drupal? Does anyone know of any sort of plug-in or service that does this sort of thing that I can either integrate it into the website or just have it as a separate page?

Thanks! <3 Amie

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Drupal does not do that. Try Microsoft Webmatrix

Are you looking for a CRM or a Project Management system?

Both of these can and have been built on both Drupal and Joomla.
CiviCRM ( comes to mind as this integrates with both content management systems.

As for project management there are a bunch of php project management systems. web2project ( comes to mind, but there are probably a dozen or so free and relatively active ones. If you don't mind spending money then what is available will greatly increase.

Drupal, does indeed do the things you are looking for. I would look at 6 or 7 (i believe 7 is the latest version.) We run 4 drupal sites and it is exactly what you are looking for you just need to get over the learning curve of what it is and how to use it.

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