does anybody know to decode this url: <form action="/cgi-bin/primer3-web-cgi-bin-0.4.0/primer3_results.cgi" method="post" enctype="x-www-form-urlencoded"> i tried this: [url][/url] apparently it doesnt work :(
i'm trying to use it for my jsp project
any help would be appreciated :)

From memory
you cant embed _post values in a url
url variables are _get, when processed by the server, so will be igonred by the form processor

google the difference between method=post and method=get
I dont have a solution
when you post any kind of code
wrap it in [code]

[/code] tags, stops the code being turned into a url and makes it easier to get results

does anybody know to decode this url:

That depends entirely on what you mean by "decode" and where you want the decode to take place.

My gut reaction is that this is a server-side not client-side issue. If I'm right then this is the wrong forum. If I'm wrong ... well it's not the first time.