I am thinking of moving to ecommerce development. There is just so much out there so much so that I find myself at a loss as to where to start.

I do front end development but I understand backend equally well. Ideally I would like to find a suitable e-commerce system that I can work with, tweak and customise. So if a client needs an ecommerce site my task would be to build a custom interface and hook it up with this system. If some changes are necessary to make this work that would be done.

What are the best e-commerce systems out there? Open source an option?

Your thoughts are much appreciated, feel free to go on a tangent if you feel that may be helpful.

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Hello eddiekudzayi,
There are many systems or platforms which are best in ecommerce.
For example: BigCommerce,Shopify,3dcart,WooCommerce,Volusion,Prestashop,Weebly,Squarespace,Magento,Wix.
Hope this will help you. For more information do comment.

e-commerce app development for your e-commerce website would be a good idea.There are many ready-made eCommerce mobile apps available which are sure to convert your eCommerce business into reality.

Few years ago, I was satisfied with Weeby but now, I love the features of BigCommerce and Shopify. I also like the 3dcart platform.

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