Hello friends suggest me best useful and welknown plugin for ecommerce website. I want use for my feature site

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Best ecommerce plugin

What platform are you using? There are many plugin for different platforms

Actually i think its dependent on which CMS/platform you used for your website.because WP/Magento/Drupal/Joomla?Coding/Dreamwaver also support diffarent plugings for separate CMS/platform..so kindly ask specific Platform's plugins...

WP e-commerce is the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin in the market now.Easy to install and can be easily used

I would suggest you Ecwid. Which has lots of free plans.
Supporting drag and drop
easy to install
With many upgrades
shopping cart system

If you are in wordpress then wp ecommerce or woocommerce.

totally agree about http://www.uniecommerce.com/ really good one
what do you think about this one?

Woocommerce is great for wordpress, Wp e-commerce maybe the next choice. Aslo consider Shopperpress, although it is a theme.

go for opencart its best fast and user friendly

It depend on platform you use for your site. If it's Magento, high recommend a lot of Magento extensions which help to boost sales, increase user's experience...

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