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What i want is, to show a pop up or a simple div or a modal or any dialogue box to to load on my home page to show welcome message, whats new etc stuff, which will be displayed only once in a day to every visitor of my site,(at the first visit of the day only ) But i want to load this modal after a sec when all the other elements of the pages have been finished loading.
I have seen this kind of thing on other websites but have no idea of how to do that, Any expert with related idea out there?

Thanks in advance.

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The browser loads the java script when it encounters the script tag. So you can place the script tag after all the elements in the page is loaded.
your content
<script ..../>

But it is considered a good practice to place scripts in the head tag. So if you are not allowed to place it after the body tag, use the defer attribute in the script tag.
<script type="text/javascript" defer>
your script goes here
This effectively 'stops' loading the javascript until all the elements in the page are loaded. You can read more about 'defer' here

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