Hi all,

I'm having problem with the javascript functions.
I'm using OOB webpage that uses MOSS features for search.

It seems that when I click the search button, it doesn't work using firefox browser.

Here is the code from the XML page:

<td bgcolor="#666666" width="70px"><img src="../images/Search-buttonA.gif" onclick='gosearch()' id="searchImage" style="cursor:pointer"></td>

<script language="javascript">
function gosearch()
var scope = "&s=Discussions"
var resultsurl="../Pages/Discussions.aspx";
var Search = document.getElementById("txtSearch0").getAttribute("value");
var resultsurl = resultsurl + "?k=" + Search + scope;

Can anyone help me on this?
Am I missing something???


is IE specific. If you want it to work in both browsers then use

window.location.href = "pagename"

Hope it helps!

If OOB means Out Of the Box, and that is really supposed to be xml, you got rooked. I see deprecated code, which is part of html, but which is NOT part of either xhtml or xml:

bgcolor is deprecated.

width as a property is deprecated, but is allowed as a CSS style.

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