i m trying to fetch a image from mysql (blob) with header..here is my coding..."<?php

$query=mysql_query("select * from table where id='3' ");
echo $r;


i want to fetch another fields from the database....but when i try to echo another fields...the page shows error or it does not echo other fields of database....please help me...how can i resolve it...i want to fetch other fields from database,like'username'password'firstname'lastname and image...thanks in advance...

You set the page output to image, which should have a sub type.

Echo'ing other data after that will not show correctly, because you are trying to output a picture.

then how can i fetch another feilds from mysql with image...please help..it urgent....i want to fetch image(blob) and another fields on 1 page...how it can possible?...

instead of setting content type as an image set it to text/html

header('Content-type: text/html');
// you should then be able to output html content including images.