im using fpdf.php library have some extension the pdf_lp.php then i got this error on my codes... hope somebody can help me identify my error.. any help is very much appreciated.


include ('connect.php');
//  $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mydb WHERE contractno = '$_SESSION[contractno]'") 
$sql = "SELECT * FROM mydb WHERE contractno = '{$_REQUEST[contractno]}'" ;
$today = date('m/d/Y');

if ($data = mysql_query($sql))
   $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($data);

$fullname = $row['fname'].' '.$row['sname'].' '.$row['mi'];
$dob = $row['dob'];
$contract = $row['contractno'];
$application = $row['applnno'];
$email = $row['eadd'];

$angpageko = new lpPDF('P','mm', 'letter');



//this the image of my pdf
$angpageko->Image('lifehead1.gif', 73, 15, 62, 16);

$angpageko->SetFont('times', 'I', 30);

$angpageko->SetXY(55, 50);  
$angpageko->Cell(98, 8, 'Proof List', 0, 0, 'C');

$angpageko->SetFont('times', 'I', 22);
$angpageko->SetXY(55, 65);  
$angpageko->Cell(98, 4, $fullname, 0, 0, 'C');

//some more codes


my problem with the code above is that it cant display the image in my pdf form..please help.tnx

found my error, i just need to transfer it to pdf folder..cheers!

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