I'm trying to make my website compatible with internet explorer. I've been thinking of making it compatible for IE and then Firefox and then I'll be good. It works for google chrome but there's some very very annoying little things which the new IE does.

The images look much bigger and gayer (sorry, couldn't find a more technical term for IE). The width is extended too for some reason. Now if I change it to look normal for internet explorer then it looks too small for google chrome. Most other things I've managed to find a loophole around and modified the same css to display things correctly on both browsers but for this I can't figure out anything.

I don't know if this would be helpful but this is how I display the picture...
.div_class {
background-repeat: repeat-y;

No replies so far.... Does that mean there is no resolve to this?

I don't know of any one place that has a list of the issues associated with IE and it's differences from all the other browsers. If you follow the link below you will get a bunch of references for different IE problems (and probably some solutions). You can refine the search for your specific problem(s) and you may come up with something.

There is some sort of resolution for everything you just have to look hard enough until you find it.

Thanks, I wasn't able to find anything from several google searches that's why I asked here. If someone knows a specific method of getting around this problem it would be great!

IE is a nightmare these days... Chrome works wonderfully...

I think it's better if you share your HTML code and also a screenshot, that will help in identifying the real problem. Only the CSS doesn't really tell much about the issue.

Yes, I hope IE becomes the new Altavista and totally dissapears. I have found other ways and sorted most of the stuff out now though. Thanks anyway vidjin and chrishea^^ :)