I have positioned my images in PHP. Now what I am looking to do is add some animations:
1. try to drag a image from the mouse on the page
2. make the image dissapear and a new image in the same location after say 15sec
3. give the images an angle by some degrees
4. select an image and get another image instead of that on the same area

Can anyone help me how could I achieve, I have positioned the images currently using the "position: absolute" of CSS.

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I don't understand what you mean by positioning images with php. Layout is usually maintained with CSS files, sometimes with inline style attributes or style tag data in the head area of the HTML document. Interactive effects are done with javascript.

Passing layout data to style or script (js) is one thing, the rest (1-4) is probably js.

Thanks for the inputs, yes this was to do with the client side scripting. was looking for possible ways. Thanks will go through more details for JS

Mark thread solved if it is..

first of all tell me what is PHP and its uses ?

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