In my web application I'm using the Lightbox v2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Now i want to refresh image in lightbox every second.

Note: Lightbox is trigered by:
<a href="screenshot.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img src="images/Screenshot.png" alt="" /></a>.

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This is javascript. There are two ways to do this - all in js or via ajax.
I suggest js and load images on page load (depends how many you have). Is one per second a bit extreme?

s - all in js or via ajax

Can you please show me a example? i want to refresh image in lightbox only

I did it before...Simulate click on a href lightbox with timer...but its not looking very good because the whole lightbox is flashing i need just refresh picture in it not whole lightbox.

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Unless you post your code, we can't help. We're just speculating as to what your issues are. In addition, as this will probably be a js issue, you may be better off posting to the JS forum. However, see where the issue lies - PHP or JS.

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You aren't seriously asking us to download a zip file and wade through loads of code are you? If so, I think you misunderstood the nature of this forum. This is not me being shirty, just telling you that we're all volunteers and have limited time to try to help individuals like you. Somebody here may have the time, most of us won't.