Hi all :)

I'm having some issues with getting the value of a textarea which I fetch with jquery's ajax function.

I'm displaying some comments in my ajaxcontent. All the comments have a onClick quoting link which is supposed to send the id of the textarea which is to be quoted.

<a href="JavaScript:void(0);" onclick="JavaScript:quote('x','y','z');">Quote</a>

Where 'x' = The ID of the textarea which contains the text that's being quoted
'y' = username of the user being quoted
'z' = ID of the textarea of which the quoted text is supposed to inserted into.

Any help would be greatly appriciated :)

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And what's the problem?

You can't get the textarea object or you can't just get it's value?

Thanks for replying :)

I keep getting "undefined" when I try to output the value :/


Post your code that get the value

Disregard this... silly me...was a typo *cough cough*. Thanks alot for your help though :D

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