my work is stop here dont know how to do this

i want to store numbers of images in mysql. after thar i want to reterive those products images with description and price. how it will be done?

secondly if i click on category number 1 those images with detail should be appear how those images will appear in a sequence???
plsease help me out

if possible than plz give me example

thnx alot

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OK, can you give us what you have so far, e.g. database structure, any idea of final html output, any particular php processing you think that will be needed?

Finding examples is easy - you can do that yourself via Google. In other words researching that is your job. If you want hands-on help, show some effort, as per the forum guidelines.

Agree that some code is needed to even begin to help, however, as a starter make sure that your MySQL field where you want to store your image is setup as data type "Blob". Research MySQL help for the various blob sizes to set it for the appropriate images sizes you expect to store.

i have made main page in which there are categories(casual, partywear,bridal dresses)
i have give link on these catogories to open in seprate pages.

i will make database for it, but i have diffrent size of images that is main problem can they set on sql or i should use adobephotoshop for size them??

secondly where to write code of sql connection n query for reteriving data??

for example for casual dresses where to write code that images appaear in casaul.php