Hi web developer,
I want to know how do you guys fix your width in IE8/IE7?Because I got 1 table and let say example 4 columns.I only got 1 column temporary, it will auto populate the whole table eventhough I have defined my width in td.

My condition is illustrated as below: any hint?

( ) =table
[ ] =column

()-problem, it auto populate the table whole width

what I want

([ ]---------------)

In firefox or google chrome..working fine with my css.is it a bug?

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Do you have anything inside any column of the table? And how did you specify your CSS? IE has different box model and could render differently too.

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<col style=width:100px>;
        <col style=width:110px>;
	<col style=width:110px>;
        <col style=width:110px>;

Hi I got define this width.it only works on firefox and chrome.any advise?but not working in IE..=.=


Oh, the 'width' attribute in 'col' tag works only in FF and similar browser. IE doesn't support it... Can you replace it with TD?

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