I had no knowledge about asp.net. I want to start knowing and studying about asp.net can u tell me the best book that i have to read

The best is trying to develop a project even the project is simple.

>I had no knowledge about asp.net.

To lean ASP.NET, you must have know-how of

1. Html
2. Cascade StyleSheet
3. JavaScript Language
4. The .NET Framework
5. C# or VB.NET Language (Object Oriented Paradigm)
6. Database product - oracle or mysql or MsSql etc.

I'd like to suggest the ASP.NET Unleashed (3.5 or 4) book, it is good for beginners.

Steps :
w3school.com is one of the best site to start.(HTML,JS)
Study all object oriented Concepts in C++ and basic program concepts.
Study .Net Framework,Applications using net
Start study C#.NET(If u knw C++) or VB.NET (if u knw VB)

Your dream is become a software programmer , first u study how to use Google.

You can read if you have the time, all asp.net books you come across. No knowledge is a waste and some useful tips maybe be mentioned in the ones you decide to ignore. But for a start, you can also check out 'Wrox.Professional.ASP.NET.4.in.CSharp.and.VB.Mar.2010'

firstly learn html ,dhtml ,javascript...den refer online tutorial ...start from standard controls...take some examples online