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I have url links in an Access Database which open different info screens depending on the record. I want to include some code in the html which isn't blocked by browsers, but restricts the html code to an initial window of approx 800x600, but can be resized, but importantly the database screen doesn't 'get lost' underneath the browser window.

I have been told javascript is the best solution but I know very little about js. All help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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If you are talking about accessing database while browsing, yes and no for only JavaScript. Of course, you would need Ajax (which is Asynchronous Java Script And XML) to deal with dynamic database accessing between client & server.

Now, I am not sure about "isn't block by browsers, but restricts the HTML code to an initial window"? What do you mean? The size is trivia because you can launch a new window and set its size anyway. Who knows, you may end up with Java Applet instead...

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No the user's are primarily using the database. It is all off-line. The web pages to be displayed from the links within the database are off-line having been installed as part of the database to their c:\ drive. They open the html page from the database then close the webpage when they have finished with it and continue using the database.


So you are talking about IE only web browser or with other browsers as well? How do you currently access the local database from a web browser if not IE using ActiveXObject? The reason is that JavaScript is not allowed to access local storage (hard drive); however, this is an exception for IE with ActiveXObject. That's why I ask.

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I have no control on the browsers used. Clicking the url field in the database just opens the small html program in their default browser. Most user's I would guess will use IE.
The best solution I have found so far I have pasted below. It works in Firefox and IE if you allow Active-X, but not at all in Chrome. I get the impression that I am on a loser here, as what I want to do can be interpreted as potentially malicious. I may have to go and put all the info in lots of different Access forms.

<script LANGUAGE=javascript>
function orientWindow(){
<BODY onLoad="javascript:orientWindow()">
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