Hi, i got one question to ask,,
i had been tried many times still cannot generate correct output.


i got one table like this.
|jan | 1000 |

- table border is white color

but i wan like become this
Month Salary
jan 1000

- i just want the horizontal line for line by line.
hope someone can help me...

diafol commented: why are you clogging up the php forum with css? -3

i need the horizontal line after each record....

I don't know of any code that can hide inbetween borders.
i guess you could try inserting something like "border-left-color='white'" in your td tags, or you could try to make every entry one big TD tag, and put the values in <div> tags.
then you can use CSS to offset those divs

Try use the border-left:0px; and border-right:0px;
It wont eliminate the border but it will shall made the border invisible for end user