Hi! I'm start learn php and i have few problems what i can't fix it. Before i say what is my problem, YES i have search for my problem in google and other. So my question is how to make

1)table with few data column and after few column i need to get Full info button or text with info name or what ever... when i click Info it need popup a window with full information, what include somewhere about 130 boxes with price list for each product.

2)When i press submit button its insert all data in my database, but i want to get evry time i create form and press submit it insert into my database and make new page with full info what would show when i press Full info.

3)Table must show only 50 rows and after that it need to make page numbering.

4)And in form i need add pictures thats is important! (i can't understand how to make the image goes in right folder and after take data from database and display it.)

I have tryed find some ready table script, but it not exactly what i need. Most similar is w w w . mysqlajaxtableeditor . com / Example1 . php (Page is shown only to get better help :) ) I don't know if you undersand me but i hope so, if not write bellow what you don't understand and i try to explain.

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Can you post the code that you currently have?

Hi! Bellow you can see files! Mybe you can look at my script and sey if there is some mistakes or errors. This is my second PHP project and i don't have so big experince, i have praticed in HMTL.


Can you post the code that you currently have?


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No, don't link, post. You need to spell it out a little better.

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