Hi all,

I am doing my second year undergraduate and I have a new project which is due in 10 days.
I wanted to create an Online Bookstore project using JSP.

*** I haven't used JSP before and also I wanted it to run in Linux system.
So everything is new and I have installed Tomcat in my Ubuntu Natty.
It's working fine. I found many tutorials online for JSP but since I am a beginner its taking time.

I have deadline in another 10 days. Can any one of you who have experience in JSP could tell me where should I start, what to do and stuffs.

Project Description:

First page I must select whether it's a Book or CD i wanted to purchase.
If I selected Books then it should display me list of all books also with its availability and price.
I must able to see more details of a particular book by clicking it.
then I must select all the books I wanted and I must have to same FIRST PAGE AGAIN.
Once done purchasing it should take me to a page where I get list of books/cd i have ordered and total costs.
Then when I click confirm it should display a msg "Order placed".

Also, I must have options for creating new user, managind old users.

***** Do you guys think its easy???

You can find this tutorial here

for database connectivity you can find tutorials here