Hi Every Body

Does any one help me in deploying and running Servlet and JSP in Tomcat 5.5

I tried all the ways I found on net. I downloaded lots of tutorials and tried them also.

But always getting same ugly error CONTEXT Path not found \TestInput

I am just send my name (Vishal) from an index.html and displaying the name with a message -

Hello Vishal... Welcome

I tried in both servlet and JSP but same error bt when I used default example folder of Tomcat (servlet-examples) I mean to say I put all file as per servlet-examples structure it is working.

I am sure I'm doing mistake some where in placing the files or missed to make some changes some where in web.xml file.

I don't know what is wrong?
But my program is running if I use servlet-examples of Tomcat 5.5

Please guide me how to deploy and run servlet and JSP.

Thanking you all in advance