I really want someone to tell me on FREE web hosting site that i can upload my project in order to TEST it before i do the final hosting.

I appreciate your usual efforts.

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Use localhost. Free web hosting using php cannot be trusted. Sites that offer this may use out of date php or mysql versions. I suggest you download the latest XAMPP (or similar) and test, test, test on localhost. Decide on a good host that gives you everything you need - do not go on ecomony. You get what you pay for. See other recent threads on hosting.


If you just need an FTP account mate i got unlimited of them from my iPage host.
Just PM me and i'll create one for you. Cant give you a domain, but i can give you a sub-domain for testing purposes.


You can get a free hosting account at 125MB They feature:

250 MB's Disk Space
5 GB's Bandwidth
1 Domain Name
Free Instant Setup
can use 125mb.com Subdomain
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

This is a good solution for testing a website. For a small monthly fee you can get a bit more.

Good luck with your coding adventures,

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Hostgator is good when it comes to the real deal, only about $4 a month on the cheapest deal

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