Hello everybody! My name is melvin. I new in the forum.

Please i need support on my coldfusion server.....

After using the developer edition of my coldfusion 8. I decided to upload to the host server for my domain.
I kept receiving:

Error occur while resquesting
Data Source cant be found

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Data Source cant be found

It sounds like you are just using the wrong datasource name. Ask your host.
1) Did they create a datasource for you. If not, ask them to create one
2) If they have created one already, what is the name of the datasource? You may be using the wrong one.

i am very happy to hear from you.

You are right about that. Please ionly need a favour to fix it

the name they gave to for the dsn is jirehadmin_accesscf_jireh

but the name i saved my database file is jireh.mdb in a directory called access_db (meaning access_db/jireh.mdb)

So need to know if i should just create jirehadmin_accesscf_jireh as a directory on my machine and upload to my coldfusion developer. so that the request.dsn code will look for jirehadmin_accesscf_jireh instead of access_db/jireh.mdb.


I need a fix to this coldfusion error

<Error Executing Database Query.
Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user. >

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