i want this animation to start from the beginning but i dont know how to do it.
im using scriptaculous framework.
here is my animation:


and here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
//fade div 1
new Effect.Fade('anim1', {duration: 1, from: 0, to: 1,
				 afterFinish: function (one){ //after finnish 1
//after fade 1 effects
new Effect.Move("photo_1",{delay:2.8,x:0,y:300});
new Effect.Move('anim1', {delay:3,x:-400,y:500});
new Effect.Move('anim2', {delay:3,x:-800,y:500,
				afterFinish: function (){ //after finnish 1
new Effect.Move("title_2",{delay:2.8,x:0,y:300});
new Effect.Move('anim2', {delay:3,x:-400,y:500});
new Effect.Move('anim3', {delay:3,x:-800,y:500,
				afterFinish: function (){ //after finnish 1
new Effect.Move("photo_3",{delay:2.8,x:0,y:300});
new Effect.Move('anim3', {delay:3,x:-400,y:500});
new Effect.Move('anim4', {delay:3,x:-800,y:500});




//new Effect.Move('anim2', {x:0,y:500,  queue:'end'});				

} // after finnish 1 ENDS



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why don't you use for loop in the script! This will help in solving your problem. Tell me if it doesn't work.

i did it in another way because the images ha change position so they where not visible to start again.

thanks for the help!

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