I'm designing and implementing a PHP web application as part of final year university project and i was wondering if any of you could suggest any development methodologies that i could follow and your reasons for them, as i haven't ever created a full web application. I also need to write a report on the different methodologies and why i chose the desired one.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Some of them you can find here. Personally, I like an agile method (scrum for example) which has short cycles and focuses on current priorities.

Thanks, i'll take a look. Ah yes, i used scrum last year in a large team and found it quite effective.

Why dont you make something about PHP code generators, showing the diffenrent types, what they do, how deep they can go.
I would help you out on that and do it as my end course project.

I already know what sort of application i'm creating, i was just wondering of the existing development methodologies that could be used to guide my project.

I think that you are asking us to do part of your project for you. Why don't you do a bit of research first (there is lots of info available if you do some searching) and present the results here and ask for some feedback. That way you are adding some value.

I've been looking at different development methodologies but they are mainly for software rather than web applications, think i just have to adapt them to web applications.

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