I'm in need of a PHP tutor/instructor.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

My background is in front end (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), and I'm having a change in my job at work and need to get up to speed quickly.

I'm not even sure what book(s) to pick up. I do have a web server, Apache, PHP and MySQL installed. I have done a bit of customizing 3rd party software in the past, but not enough to be able to stay above water once i'm dunked into the deep end.

Any suggestions on books, resources and/or an instructor would be great.

I can afford to pay someone if needed - but I don't have tons of cash or I'd take one of the classes offered...


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I bet that'd be a great tutor if it wasn't a dead link. :D

Anyway, I'd be happy to teach you for a modest fee. PM me if you're interested.

I'm sorry about the dead link. It's strange, but I found you can try to reach PHP's tutorial multiple times, and it does not always find the tutorial..some kind of issue there. Perhaps PHP.net auto load-balances requests to various servers, and all are not always available.

The link is http://www.php.net/tut.php Keep trying until it works I guess!

I simply Googled "PHP tutorial". It was the first hit. I breifly scanned through the content, and it looks like a really good beginner tutorial covering a lot of real-world useful concepts.

The way I learned to overcome some of my logic errors was by having programmers on my contact list. My aim screen name is adamroxors if you ever need any help with anything.

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