Hello Friends,

Actually i am Sticken with a very peculiar problem, related to search

Actually i have a database with a column "Description" which has a long strings of 1000 characters describing about the produts of the company

for E.g. "We are manufcaturers of Plastic Raw material, platic containers, Elctrical items Etc.............." & so on.

so, the problem is that i want when some person search for particular item, i want to show them in the relevance order

for e.g.
somebody searches for "plastic container & raw material"

so i want the record to search for "plastic", "plastic container", "raw material", & "plastic raw material" and single words like "plastic", "Container", "Raw", "Material"

after the searching i want to put them in relevant order
-such as the string which contain the actual term should be at top
-String containing maximum number of keywords should be placed afetr that
-string contining all the single letters should be placed at last

Please help me
i can configure my database as per the requirement,
i am sticken at this point of time.

Hoping to get some better response from you folks



Vikram Sachdeva

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Dear Drew,

It is just an easy database serach, but i want to put that search in order of number of occurances, relevance, & last updated

Please read my question again, i have mentioned all the things there, hope you will able to help me

Thanks in advance

Vikram Sachdeva


I have helped you. I sent you a link to a tutorial that teaches you have to search a database.

Im not going to code it for you.

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