Hi guys, I m able to do pagination.

But I face another challenge where I once click next,prev or page number,it will refresh the accordion. let say i got 3 headers of accordion.namely A,B,C. After clicking any function in either B or C. It will auto refresh to header A.

is it due to I destroy my accordion each time I called?
Any solution?

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What accordion? Your code or a library?

It's certainly possible to click "Go to B" from page A, without destroying page A.

Thanks for your reply.I have solved mostly pagination problem. Now there is another challenge for me and I think quite difficult. Example I got 4 accordion header, once I click page 1 or either prev or next..all my 4 headers are affected as they query from same database. Is that any way to differentiate the accordion header?

See previous question.

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