Has anyone noticed that...if you create a ms access database with "Password" as one of the table's column name....

You can't make a data insertion through sql statements via oledb (no rows are affected)?

like : insert into employees(password) values('asd32f1asdf')

wasted me 1 1/2 hours trying to debug the thing in visual studio...

when I named the column to "Pwd" instead.... everything works.... :lol:


it's just the same like when you create a new folder ... naming it "con" won't work... lol

It's not just "password", there are some more words that you cannot use. But I cant find full list on microsot. :(


I have that list bookmarked somewhere, I think on my work laptop. I'll look tomorrow, might be useful for other forum readers too. :)

Here is a link..

NOTE: Access is not inclusive of the JET engine. So for a full comprehensive list you have to consider the JET engine keywords

I see..... so the "password" is a jet reserved word. No wonder I don't get errors during creation time but do get them when trying to access it through ole db via the jet engine. :p

Thanks Paladine for sharing the list. :mrgreen: