hi friends in moodle 2.0 i am getting the error as

Invalid permissions detected in $CFG->dataroot directory, administrator has to fix permissions.

like this in my server so what can i do to work on this please help me

and my configuration file as

<?php  // Moodle configuration file

global $CFG;
$CFG = new stdClass();

$CFG->dbtype    = 'mysqli';
$CFG->dblibrary = 'native';
$CFG->dbhost    = 'localhost';
$CFG->dbname    = 'uplanman_umoodle';
$CFG->dbuser    = 'uplanman_umoodle';
$CFG->dbpass    = 'umoodle';
$CFG->prefix    = 'mdl_';
$CFG->dboptions = array (
  'dbpersist' => 0,
  'dbsocket' => 0,

$CFG->wwwroot   = 'http://uplanman.com';
$CFG->dataroot  = '/home/uplanman/moodledata';
$CFG->admin     = 'admin';

$CFG->directorypermissions = 0777;

$CFG->passwordsaltmain = '75E5vV%F{5>4`^?}@>;DXX,}XVRp,';

require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/lib/setup.php');

// There is no php closing tag in this file,
// it is intentional because it prevents trailing whitespace problems!

I highly recommend you change your admin password
1) Everyone uses admin
2) posting it here lets everyone else know it, too