Hi. Anybody dealt with cakephp?

I have this problems. The delete function is not functioning.
Its not deleting the things I want to delete from the database.

Heres my code./

function delete($id = NULL){
	$this->Application->delete($id);  //-->this cause problems
	$this->Session->setFlash("Application " . $id . " was deleted");
	$this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));

I already try putting the $this->Application->delete($id) in if.. and the if wasnt true.Hence i know its not working.

I try to echo the id.. the id is working fine..
Please3 help me.. I'd gone with so many articles on web and nothings seems to help me.

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is probably a better resource for getting your cakephp questions answered, since this is primarily PHP-related, and this is not a PHP question, it is related to a 3rd party package. you will find your question answered faster there. I haven't dealt with Model-View-Controller in years (making Microsoft C++ Windows MFC apps) and I only had it down while I was in class :-/

so if you get used to MVC, you can start writing windows apps with a microsoft compiler... :-)

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