Im looking for a browser compatable and stable method for taking an image of a website and displaying it on my website.

For example, someone submits a link and then another person visits the page and sees there website information and an image of the site itself.

Perhaps like a large thumbnail preview or something like this?

Any ideas / limitations / experiences ?
Anything would be appreciated!

Many thanks

yeah i get what you mean dude like, the facebook share link, when you attach a link a small thumbnail of the site wil be displayed. i dont know that but i know how to get site contents and convert it so string.


echo file_get_contents('http://www.example.com/');


YES! Exactly like that! Infact I need to know how that works! :P

Im not sure file_get_contents is what Im looking for. Doesn't it just embed the actual website into my page rather than get a screenshot.

Thanks for the reply