Hi guys, i was watching a video on youtube and noticed that the program the guy was using had a feature where it would pretty much suggest code as he typed. I remember something like this in visual basics and thought it would be cool to help me with PHP coding. Anybody have a clue what i am talking about

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ok, i dont think this is what i am looking for. The program i am looking for looks like notepad++ but as you type your code a dropdown list appears with suggestions or predictions of what you are trying to type


OK, you're looking for 'code completion' or 'hinting'. Notepad++ offers this feature, but my current favourite IDE, Bluefish has a really nice feature for this:

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Ok kool this is what i am looking for. Not sure if my Professor will ok the use of it yet. He has everyone on notepad++ wanna make sure it's ok to use. You mentioned that notepad++ has this function, if you could, explain where to find it on Notepad++,
Thank you in advance


Notepad++: You can set up code completion via the Settings > Preferences > Backup/Auto-completion TAB:

I saved the file as a php file first - I don't know if you need to do this beforehand - I assume you do.

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I found it You have to go to settings - preferences- backup/auto-completion
select enable auto-completion - select word completion - - function parameters hint on input.


Hopefully i can use bluefish though it seems to be a good tool!! Thanks for your help in this

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