I am not sure if this is a CF problem or not. One of our client's websites has two links to CFM pages that just will not work in some browsers on their network. It just brings up a blank page. It will work for them in FireFox, but it will not work on their network in IE6, Safari, Chrome. It works for me in IE7, Chrome, and Safari (I haven't tested in FF, but I assume it works there too). Chrome will throw an error on their network (The webpage at (the url is very long, I removed it so it would not make this post longer than need be) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address). I am not the programmer, so I am not sure what information I can provide, but if anyone has seen this issue, any input would be great. The really weird thing is that some pages work, and some don't.

The problem occurs on http://www.nhrmc.org/body.cfm?id=2890 when a user on their network clicks either Adult Health Library or Pediatric Health Library on the middle of the page (not the links on the left, those work correctly). But all the other links under Health References work.

Could a security setting (content filter, group policy setting) on the network, or browser plug-in be causing this? If so, how do I test that before I go to the client and tell them the problem is on their end?

The html on the page has been put together poorly. JavaScript before the doctype... Validate a page with W3C and see for yourself. The page mentioned contains 147 errors. You can't expect this site to work consistently in all browsers. Either mandate IE7 as the required browser or contact the programmer and tell him/her to clean it up.

I tested your site in Safari and it comes up great.