I am in need of help to get few things sorted on a classic ASP page, if anyone could please advise me how to get this done or where I can find some examples please.
Brief note on what I want to do

I have a ASP page where I have a text box and a submit button and these are the actions I want to happen.
• Put a text string in the text box and
• Click the button
• When the button is clicked, the text string in the text box should be pass on to a function
• This value then should be evaluated for certain conditions (ex. Cannot have number 8, 9 and char d and y) in a VB6 DLL
• The DLL should then return a value if any of the values are in the text string it should return 1 if not 0
• Capture the return results and depending on the results divert the page to different asp page.

thank you for the help.


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Why go to the bother of processing in a Vb DLL? Why not on form submission apply your checks on the client side and then divert to the page accordingly this will save you a round trip to the server and be alot faster or maybe I'm missing something here in your purpose for doing this?

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