Hi i am currently a Computer Science undergrad and i was just doing some thinking for a Master degree. I like software and web development and i am leaning towards more of a web development specific for my masters but what are the options i have for trying to get a masters in web development related field? I mean like what can be done in this field? i am just looking for ideas people might have for something i might be interested of doing. Please and thank you for any help.

As far as I know, there is no Master's in Web. Even a Bachelor's is hard to come by. If you want to, you could go for your CIW certification and master in one of their branches.

You wont just be dealing with Web Development on the masters degree but ALL the fields of computer science.. you're not just going to deal with developing stuff but you're going to ANALYZE all computer structure up to the SMALLEST ATOM from computer hardware, networking, programming and other stuff. You're going to act like doctors dissecting the computer and the operating system describing and explaining all the functions up to the smallest particle. So you're you going to deal with formulas, theories, concepts, and blah blah. That means you're going to read thick books. Oh I have more to tell but I hope you got my point.


You forgot "EXPENSIVE"

"That means you're going to read EXPENSIVE thick books."

And lots and lots of them.

And you'll need to buy them for your self because of all of the notes you'll write in the margins.

"EXPENSIVE"? nooo most of the thick books are uploaded and shared via torrents or rapidshare and downloadable for free. Too bad you're going to read it electronically though (unless you print all of them (it's thick).

commented: Enjoy your illegal downloads, I hope other people will value your work the same way as you do their -3

Yeah, you probably don't want to limit yourself to web development. Either stick with CS or find something that involves security. My school had an Master in Information Systems and E-Commerce degree that was pretty close to what your looking for.

I'm in the same boat, meaning I too want to master web developing. I realize schools just want to teach you bunch of theories and not so much on real word applications.

I'm just teaching myself .php through http://www.w3schools.com/. I created this site called [snip] using php. if you have anymore question, hit me up through my site. Good luck!

earning master's degree in school doesn't help you, they only teach you a bunch of theories and basic stuff. if you want to be an excellent developer you gotta experience working on real projects like working on a company or freelance. there you will hone your skills

@vaultdweller123: while I absolutely agree with you that practical experience is vital for a good developer, I must also stress that there are some things that you simply can't pick up "on the job".

From Algorithms to Architecture there are many aspects of programming that need exactly the theoretical aproach that a university course provides.

But this is not an either-or decision: a good masters program will offer you both: theory and practical projects.