What are the replacements for javescript. I think JQuery in one of the good replacement for jave scripts though it is developed using Java script. I want to know any other like this .. Please give me any link or information on this

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jQuery is not a replacement for JavaScript it is a JavaScript library to make coding with it faster, cleaner and easier. There is no replacement for JavaScript.

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I think you are asking if there are other good JavaScript libraries. Check out YUI, MooTools, Prototype, Knockoutjs.

Just search on Google for JavaScript libraries.

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thank you sunwebsite,simplypixie,stbuchok for all you answers.
As you said, There are essentially no replacements for javascript. There was vb-script, but it is a train wreck and fortunately not supported by any browser.
There are however a lot of excellent javascript libraries for different purposes.Example :
jQuery, Mootools, sproutcore, knockout.js, backbone.js, prototype, script.acoul.us